Welcome to Hair Artist Co!
Welcome to Hair Artist Co! I'm Fatima, a passionate hairdresser who has been weaving magic through hair since 2009. From a young age, I've possessed a natural gift for connecting with peopleโ€”an innate ability that transcended even my childhood playtime. While others saw dolls, I envisioned miniature canvases awaiting "one-of-a-kind" transformations. Dressing them in unique ensembles and crafting imaginative haircuts became my creative outlet. This early passion was fueled by an empathetic nature and a perfectionist's eye, traits that guided me toward a career harmoniously blending artistry and human connection. 

My journey began as an exploration of self-expression and creativity. I discovered that hairdressing is more than a professionโ€”it's a canvas for my creativity and a means to uplift and empower others. Over the years, I've honed my skills, specializing in the art of natural lived-in hair color and blonding services. I've adorned heads with beautiful hair extensions since 2012. My commitment to excellence led me to train at internationally awarded salons in Gauteng and acquire premium hair training, enabling me to offer you the best in hair care and styling. My approach to hairdressing is rooted in personalization and continuous growth. 

Your journey with me starts with a personalized consultation, where I take the time to truly understand your desires and explore the trends that resonate with you. I believe in the power of education, consistently seeking out the latest techniques and trends. By staying updated, I ensure that you receive the most advanced and cutting-edge services. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship. I never overpromise; I believe in transparency and honesty. Your hair's health and quality are paramount, and I'm dedicated to enhancing both. As a creative perfectionist, I pour my heart into every strand, crafting a unique look that complements your personality and lifestyle.

I approach challenges as opportunities, finding solutions that reflect my commitment to your satisfaction. At Hair Artist Co, you're not just a client; you're part of a community. Your comfort and confidence matter, and I'm here to ensure you leave with a smile and a newfound love for your hair. Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and where your hair dreams become reality. Let's embark on a journey of transformation, where every appointment is a chance to create magic together. Looking forward to welcoming you at Hair Artist Co! Warm regards, Fatima

Fatima Pestana
Stylist and Owner of Hair Artist Co